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Axe to Grind Track Listing & Notes

1. Axe In - instrumental
  A stripped down, raw version of Axe In and Axe Out have been used to begin and
   end COS performances since early 2013 following the release of Harlequin.

2. Axe to Grind
   The title track, Axe to Grind , was taken from a musical piece the guys used to perform in 1988 -89.
   the arrangement was changed to make the song darker in tone. Plus is was an opportunity to use a
   bomb siren at the beginning of a song.

3. On the Hunt
   On the Hunt is a hard driving classic Metal tune about fighter pilots during World 
   War II

4. Mark and Remember
Do what you can to make this life the best it can be. Live without regret!

5. A Fist Full of Vengeance
   A Fist full of Vengeance is about Samurai and their code of Bushido. This song
   was inspired by COS guitarist Mick Michaels’ fascination with Japanese lore
   and from the movie 13 Assassins.

6. One Lifetime
     Listen closely and you’ll hear the entire song is actually only one riff.

7. Shadow Soldiers
   The lyrics to Shadow Soldiers was co-written by Mick Michaels and his son Mad T.
   Another song that dives deeper into the soldier’s mental and emotional psyche

8. Heart of Stone
   Heart of Stone was a musical left over from Harlequin.  Some fine tuning was done to bring it up to
   the Axe standard.

9. Meet Your Maker
   We all stand at the foot of a greater power. we will all have to answer for something at one point or

10. Victoria - bonus track
     Victoria is the ancient roman goddess of victory.  Battle songs have become a
       main focus of the COS catalogue.  this song originally appeared on the band’s
       EP release Epilogue.

11. Axe Out - instrumental

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Album Track Listing & Notes


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