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Harlequin Track Listing & Notes

1. No Need for Introductions
   The narration was done by Mick Michaels with the help of vocal effects.

2. Lost in a Dream
   Most people think the on going melody throughout the song is a keyboard. Itís actually a
   blend of guitar notes smoothed together.

3. Angels Only Dare
   Angels Only Dare was the first release from the album. The song actually first released
   on the COS Christmas EP December Wind as a way to promote the upcoming
   Harlequin album.

4. Zanni Precession - instrumental

5. Dream Seeker
   The music for Dream Seeker was originally composed in 1987. New lyrics and lead
   section were added to the up dated arrangement.  Dream Seeker originally appeared
   on the COS EP Forgotten Hero.

6. Crying Angel - Reneeís song
     Crying Angel was originally composed in 1986. for the album it was modified to an
     acoustic version and new lyrics were written to follow the story line.  however, the
     original  title remained.

7. Show of Hands

8. Octahedron
   The lyrics to Octahedron were written on a plane trip to Florida three months before the
   album released.  Even thought the music has been recorded for some time, it was the
   last song completed.

9. Peanut Gallery - instrumental

10. Light in the Dark
       The music for Light in the Dark was also originally composed in 1987 but never

11. Hellequin
     Hellequin is a classic Metal arrangement - it packs a punch and is in your face.

12. Haunting Performance - instrumental

13. Do or Die

14. Someone Somewhere
       Someone Somewhere was originally written in 1986. most of the original
       arrangement is the same along with the chorus.  the rest of the lyrics were rewritten.

15. Now We Must Live
wanted the last song of the album to also include part of the first song - creating a
     connection within the album. The end of Now We Must Live is a modified
     arrangement of the end of Lost in a Dream.

16. Come to a Close
     Mick also did the narration for Come to a Close.

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