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COS NATION Crowdfunding

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by November 4, 2017

Contributor Tiers

Pledge $15 - unlimited

- MP3 download of ”
Declaration of Metal
- MP3 download of “
Cut Your Losses
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Pledge $35 - only 1 available

- Limited Edition Original
COS AXE Tee Shirt
  Available tees in black:
   0 medium
   1 large
   0 XL

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The American Metal Mayhem Tour - West Coast
November 5th through 12th

With your support we will be able to hit the road in 2017 and play a city near you. We want to see you at a show and COSnRoll together! \m/

Hey Everyone!

In November, Corners of Sanctuary is hitting the road to bring the COSnRoll experience to the West Coast for the very first time.  The American Metal Mayhem Tour presented by our friends at Metal Babe Mayhem. This is so unbelievably exciting for us. From November 5th through November 12th we will be in California for a handful of shows which include:
Nov 6th - Rainbow - West Hollywood, CA w/ Taipan & Kantation
Nov 8th - Skinny’s - North Hollywood, CA
Nov 10th - Dull Hut - Anaheim, CA w/ Taipan
Nov 11th - Malone’s House of Metal - Santa Ana, CA w/ Resistance
Nov 12th - C4OCRadio.net Compound - Santa, Ana, CA in-studio performance & interview

We are personally asking for your support to help cover all the bases and keep the
Tour in top gear. Your support will assist us with travel expenses, lodging and food. But we aren't just asking you to fork over your hard earned cash for nothing... No way!  We have created a contribution tier platform that includes some great limited edition COS merchandise in exchange for your financial assistance.

Because of the
COS Nations’s support, this year we have performed with U.D.O., Saving Abel, Blood Feast, Tim “Ripper” Owens, Bulletboys, and Savior from Anger among others.

Take a look at our support tiers and choose the contribution level that works best for you. In exchange you get what is listed for that particular contribution amount.

We appreciate your time, consideration and support!

Thank you!!!


Risks and Challenges

Anything can happen when you are on the road and traveling from town to town: Vehicle problems, road delays, equipment malfunctions - Murphy's Law is always a possibility while traveling with a rock band.

We are working with a team of professional to help streamline the touring process and ensure that the our West Coast excursion is a success!.

Support includes:
Exquisite Noise Records USA
March Baby Media
Keep it Metal Promotions
Online Metal Promo
Dead Sea Records
Metal Babe Mayhem

It is our mission to give a great show each and every night Corners of Sanctuary is scheduled to perform. COSnROLL!

thank you
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COS Axe crowdfunding

Pledge $50 - only 1 available

- Limited Edition Original
COS AXE Tee Shirt
   Available tees in black:
   1 medium
   0 large
  0 XL
- MP3 download of “
Cut Your Losses” EP
- Autographed photo of the band.

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Pledge $100 - only 1 available - SOLD OUT

- An
autographed Sabian bottom hihat cymbal used by Mad T during the New England leg of the Declaration of Metal” Tour 2016
- A pair of autographed drumsticks sticks
- Personalized autographed photo of the band.

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sold out02
cymbal 2

Pledge $400 - only 1 available

- A
COS autographed Left-handed Hardluck King Bossman Guitar
used by  Mick during the 2015 “The Axe Has Fallen” Tour
- MP3 download of “
Cut Your Losses” EP
- Personalized autographed photo of the band
- A “
The Galloping Hordes” T-shirt size L

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Pledge $500 - only 1 available

- A
COS House Party Performance - You throw a party, COS will play  
  an one hour set at your house for you and your friends. 
  Please note:
  Limited to the following states: PA, NJ, DE, NY
  Scheduled between December 2017 and March 2018

- Personalized autographed photo of the band
 - 2 Autographed “
The Galloping Hordes” T-shirt
COS pins and wrist band
COS Axe Patch
COS CD package

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house party

Open Amount Pledge - no merchandise
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Pledges are being collected by A Creation Productions.
Pledge packages will ship to anywhere in the world.


NOTE: Please allow 2 to 3 weeks for all package shipping.

COSMICK Productions/March Baby Media 2018

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