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Breakout Track Listing & Notes

1. Sanctuary
   Sanctuary was the second release from the album and features cathedral bells in the
   beginning. the song was inspired by the Humpback of Notre Dame. This song features the
     band’s first video.

2. Wild Card
   Wild Card was a third release form the album and features a video of behind the scenes while
   making the Sanctuary video.

3. Heroes Never Die
   Mick Michaels wrote the music to this track with his son who plays drums. The song is about 
   how we should focus more on the internal hero rather than the external ones.

4. Cross of War
   Cross of War was the first single form the album and originally appeared on the Forgotten
EP. It is simply old school Heavy Metal.

5. Turn of the Wheel
The Turn of the Wheel riff came about while wrongly playing the riff for Revenge.

6. Bleed with Me
   Bleed With Me was inspired by the line at the end of the movie Braveheart.. “ you bled with
   Wallace, now bleed with me.” Classic

7. Time Lapsed - instrumental

8. Juggernaut
   Juggernaut is about a visitor from outer space and because of his immense size, strength
     and powers, he is considered a god. This is a classic Judas Priest inspired song.

9. Revenge
   You’ll get yours in the end - period.

10. Breakout
     Breakout was originally written in 1986. the middle section was added to somewhat
       modernize the song. Otherwise it is exactly as it was written back then.

11. A Fitting End - instrumental

12. Forgotten Hero - bonus track
       This was the first-ever Corners of Sanctuary song to be released and appeared on the
       Forgotten Hero EP

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